Baby Budget: 5 Tips to Save Money When You’re Expecting a Child

When you’re expecting a child you’re typically feeling very excited and very overwhelmed. In between worrying about how you’re going to provide a moral compass for your new baby and which stroller is the safest, you might forget one important detail: kids are expensive.


Five Ways to Handle Unexpected Expenses

When a business has to deal with unexpected expenses, several problems can occur at once. In fact, this is often the beginning of the end for some companies. For this reason, it is wise to keep informed of how to handle surprise bills and legal fees. With that in mind, here are five ways to cope when you have an unplanned expense that wasn’t in your budget:


The Truth About Student Loans: What Every Undergrad Should Know

If you’re thinking about going to college, then your main concern is probably what school you are likely to get accepted into. Considering that most undergraduates leave college with more than $20,000 in debt, you need to take price into consideration as well. The majority of students need to take loans to cover tuition costs; when used correctly, student loans offer a safe and affordable way for people to get money for their education. Before getting a loan, there are a couple of things that every undergraduate needs to consider.


The Tax Burden – 7 Tips For Companies To Manage its Taxes

It is easy to overpay on taxes. Most people simply fill out the form and send their check to the IRS. This is not wise as a business owner can grossly overpay without doing some research. However, with these seven tips, a company can manage its taxes.


Branching Out: 5 Ways To Diversify Your Financial Portfolio

Fund managers, financial planners, and individual investors all constantly plead the importance of a well diversified portfolio. It’s almost the same cry as “location, location, location” preached by real estate professionals. Having a well-balanced
portfolio is important to have before it becomes important to have. It
should never be a last minute reaction because most of the damage would already be done before you realize it. Here are some tips for diversifying your portfolio:

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